Starting with version 0.9.8, mu provides an emacs-based e-mail client which uses mu as its back-end: mu4e.

Through mu, mu4e sits on top of your Maildir (which you update with e.g. offlineimap, mbsync or fetchmail). mu4e is designed to enable super-efficient handling of e-mail; searching, reading, replying, moving, deleting. The overall ‘feel’ is a bit of a mix of dired and Wanderlust.

Features include:

For all the details, please see the manual, or check the screenshots below. mu4e is part of the normal mu source package and also available on Github.


The main view

The headers view

The message view

The message/headers split view (

The message/headers split view, and speedbar support.

View message as pdf (

mu4e was designed and implemented by Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, and is Free Software, licensed under the GNU GPLv3