Here is a small selection of some open-source software we have worked on. All code is available through GitHub. Most of these started out as hobby-projects, but gained quite a few users.


mu/mu4e is an e-mail search engine (mu) and an emacs-based e-mail client (mu4e) written on top of it. I wrote the original mu to learn how to write a fast file-system scanner / e-mail parser in C.

Later, to learn some elisp, I wrote mu4e, an emacs-frontend for mu, and I’ve been using it as my e-mail client since the start of 2012. It’s included in most mainstream Linux distributions, and I’m actively developing it.

Older projects


gxlib is a library with extensions to GLib to ease common tasks. Currently, this contains support for functional-flavored GLists, sub-command parsing and a fast file indexer/watcher. See the documentation.


sauron is an emacs-mode to track events happening in the world around you - things like specific questions in IRC channels, Twitter tweets, e-mails received, upcoming appointments. sauron is a special buffer that aggregates all that information, and raise the appropriate alarms (sounds, popups etc.). Sauron is available through the marmalade package repository.


ttb was a little program to access the Dutch Teletekst system and it’s the semi-official client for Linux/Unix. I wrote it back in 2004/2005 to learn a bit of Python. It’s included in most mainstream Linux distributions, apparently widely used.

After some changes in the teletext service, ttb stopped working in early 2013; since then, I’ve written a replacement called ttx; this program not only handles the Dutch Teletekst system, but also supports Belgian, Croatian, Finnish, Austrian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovenian providers.


sendxmpp is a program to send XMPP (Jabber) messages from the command-line, similar to the sendmail command. This makes is very easy to send messages from scripts etc., and since XMPP is used just about anywhere these days (e.g.,GoogleTalk, Facebook, even MSN), you can send your messages there. I handed over maintenance to Lubomir Host a few years back. Available for most mainstream Linux distributions.